The black of goate dress forever or it is the dress of dark lubricious series, color collocation is red black commonly, complete black or black and white, wearing a lot of conspicuous religious decorations, but change belief almost everyday however, never wear gold headgear, it is not good communication actually on disposition. The style mainly reflects the feeling of acute Angle such as spiky shape and serrated edge at the lower end of garment front.


Influenced by architectural style, Gothic clothing style is mainly reflected in the feeling of high crown, pointed shoes, sharp shape and serrated edge at the bottom of the skirt. The lustrous and vivid tones of fabric or clothing are in line with the stained glass in gothic churches. True Gothic fashion is embodied as follows:

1. Black things, or other dark colors, such as navy blue, dark red;

2. Can be transparent (dragon or fishnet fabric), but not dew;

The silver; 3.

Pale skin. Reflecting the Victorian aesthetic that pale skin was the mark of aristocracy, it could also be a counterpoint to the beach culture's health theory that the sun's tan is beauty.

5. Black hair, very light blond bleached, red or purple hair.

Black and white makeup. White foundation, black lipstick, black eye shadow, fine eyebrows.

7. Self-limiting decorations and fetish costumes. Leather, PVC, rubber, latex are essential fabrics. The medieval girdle was also very common.

8. A tie or velvet rope tied tightly around the neck.

9. The T-cross (the ancient Egyptian symbol of eternal life), the eye of the Sun God, the five-pointed star, ornaments of the cross (the symbol of Christ) and tattoos;

Operatic shawls, capes and long gloves.

Chains and nails.

Body piercings. The tongue is usually the first choice, followed by the nose, followed by private areas and nipples.

Gothic style clothing is extreme and extreme, which can only be used as stage clothing and display clothing at fashion conferences.