Today to talk to you about gothic fashion.

-Gothic fashion

the popularity of gothic fashion is rooted in the development of the punk subculture, characterized by the wearing of dark, theatrical type clothes, pale skin and dark hair with makeup.

This style of dress was early inspired by horror novels and movies, and as time passed, more gothic branches emerged

Goth culture developed in the UK in the 1980s at the same time as the punk wave began to take shape, and punk and goth can be described as a mother-son relationship, and different

The early goth subculture, defined by black hair, eyeliner, black/bright red lipstick, nail polish and very pale skin, traditional goths wore leather, fishing nets and had many piercings

Music had a strong influence on goth culture, which is why many goth icons are members of popular goth rock bands

A very important part of the development of the subculture was the creation of freedom, so goth fashion also developed in deviation from traditional goth clothing and created hundreds of different branches of goth fashion

👇 Below we share 4 niche branches of gothic fashion

1️⃣ Romantic / Victorian / Medieval Goth

Although these three styles are very different, they are combined together due to their similarities! These gothic styles take inspiration from their respective eras (romantic goth from the romantic era) and blend it with traditional gothic styles. In fact, these gothic styles are very similar to the mourning costumes of the time and share a love and admiration for the horror novels and dark arts of their respective eras

-Pastel Goth

2️⃣ Pastel Goth

This type of goth became popular after 2010 and is more easily distinguished by the use of lighter, pastel colors rather than the traditional darker and black colors.

Many see Pastel Goth as a hybrid of Japanese Fairy Kei and traditional Goth, using light pinks, lavender purples, light blues and soft greens in their outfits to make Gothic clothes more lovely

In order to retain dark, shocking goth elements, such goths choose upside-down crosses, skulls, bats and checkerboard grids on their clothing