The black of goth dress forever or it is the dress of dark color series [a few are red], color collocation is red black commonly, complete black or black and white, wearing a lot of conspicuous religious decorations, but change belief almost every day, never wear gold jewelry, it is not good communication actually on disposition. The style mainly reflects the feeling of acute Angle such as spiky shape and serrated edge at the lower end of garment front.

Gothic dress is always black or dark series of clothes, wearing a lot of conspicuous religious decorations, but almost every day to change their beliefs, never wear gold jewelry, personality is actually not sociable. Punk criticizes everything; Goth sees through everything. Punk thinks day is night; The Goth only likes the dark. Punk likes black; Goth likes black and white. Punk body strong for beauty; Gothic was beautiful in curves. The clothes of The Goths are generally in loose bright colors, such as purple, dark blue and decadent black. The Goths do not like to nail their clothes, but like to add some metal products or nail their mouths.

The particular term Gothic originally meant the Germanic tribes of Western Europe. At the level of architecture and writing in the 18th and 19th centuries, the so-called GothicRevival exhumed the dark mood of the middle century from the crypt of history. 1. Gothic is (a) Gothic; Gothic 2 (construction) Gothic 3 Medieval; 4. Of or relating to the gothic style; (English) in boldface 5 gothic novel style (n) characterized by horror, desolation, or decay The name Gothic comes from the German "Goth" tribe, who invaded Italy and overthrew the Roman Empire. In the 15th century, there was a general sense of Renaissance, a desire to return to classical times. The period between classical times and the Renaissance is called the Middle Ages. Because the Italians resented the Goth for destroying their Roman empire, Renaissance men took a negative term for the Middle Ages, which they called "Gothic". Influenced by architecture, its clothing is characterized by the use of longitudinal modeling lines and folds, so that the wearer appears slender, and through the elevation of the hat to increase the height of the human body, giving a light and upward feeling. Gothic style clothing pays special attention to the relief effect and lines of the exterior. Dress jacket is tight fit, the skirt of lower half body is wide, light, form a conical shape model, have extremely strong adornment sex. In the Middle Ages, skirt length was a mark of class, and only noble ladies were allowed to sweep the floor back and dye it green. The cent line on dress, adornment line uses more longitudinal, vertical line. The gothic style was the most popular costume in Europe in the 13th - 15th century. The pointed Enin hat was like a little steeple, and there were two tights with different colored legs, pointy cocked shoes, and tops embellished with asymmetrical patterns. Gothic fashion is often asymmetrical, but what is now called gothic fashion is just a touch of gothic art. It looks more commercial, which makes "Gothic" sound more like a promotional slogan. The typical Goth look is a tight black leather jacket with a high neck and silver ornaments with intricate patterns. The most important thing is dark circles under the eyes and a sad and numb expression. For them, it means something spiritual.