Punk clothes most come from the leather, and many tend to wear men's clothing, wear metals ornaments, whole body wearing rags, etc., clothing can reflect the category, the punk clothes, don't like the pursuit of popular thought, and very creative, show their personality is very rebellious, protest with all unhappy things. Punk is in the punk basic color (black and white red) to modify, punk is belt clothes to play square nails, and conical nails are also ok. Because of the strong sense of metal dress collocation and heavy metal rock "fast, fierce" music style "happened to coincide". This was also the style of rock band costumes in the early 1970s.

The basic information

  1. As punk went global, Westwood became more and more famous. In the spring of 1983, Westwood went to Paris for her first fashion show. Her collection, called "Witch," was a collection of modern underbelly clothing with irregular colored fabrics, rough stitches, sloppy rags and patches, a "fashion" that had never been seen before. Her challenge, though unlikely to resonate with society as a whole, has earned her the attention of the world.

With the New Romantic movement, this hobby became a popular street fashion in the early 1980s.

  1. Stretch skirt with jeans

In 1985, when the world was in vogue for manly women's dresses with wide shoulders, a "new" skirt appeared on the hanger of the London market, namely Westwood's nineteenth century brace skirt. It seems that this kind of eccentric fashion is hardly popular, especially when people are looking for natural and fit, but the hoops filled the Windows for three months after London Fashion Week in October. Westwood is a proponent of this style, and she wears jeans under a stretch or bubble skirt. She calls it "another classic look" or "a new age fit." This exaggerated combination method is still used by many designers, but now people's aesthetic standards have changed, so it is respected by the trend.

  1. Grunge's shabby fashion

In the early 1990s, with people's rejection of manic punk rock music, new music originated from Seattle Postpunk became popular among the new generation of generation-X, which combined a small part of heavy metal thought and a part of punk philosophy. Grunge's anti-fashion slogan group developed, consisting of sophisticated street youths and famous singers. Simple (unkempt) clothing such as t-shirts, t-shirts, ma-ljacket, army trousers, usedjeans, platform shoes and so on became their dressing characteristic. In a word, The motto of Grungefashion is dressingdown. Although the glory days of Grungefashion are short, it has also become the inspiration source of fashion designers at its peak. In fact, although Grunge has become a historical term, its influence has penetrated into the trend. Military trousers, which have been popular for many years, are one example.

  1. BOBO shock wave

As early as half a century ago, with the rise of rock and roll, the concept of clothing with diverse and mixed styles emerged in the folk. Hippie and punk spirit constructed on passion and decadence completely overturned the traditional aesthetic order, and broke the elegance, luxuriousness and aesthetic interest with a sense of balance that had been prevailing in classicism. In the 1990s, the revival of Grunge, on the edge of Minimalism, created the Bobos. The BOBO style integrates simplicity and luxury, refinement and laissez-faire, filtering all impetuous impurities and fettles of affectation. While returning to Bourgeois romance, BOBO also advocates the freedom and liberation of Bohemia. Its most representative designer is JohnGalliano.